Hanoi – Ha Giang – Lung Cu-Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng – Meo Vac (3 Nights – 2 Days)

The major destinations of Ha Giang tour:

-Quan Ba Heaven Gate,Quan Ba Twin Mountains

-Lung Cam CulturaL Village

-Hmong King Palace of Vuong house

-Lung Cu Flag Tower-Dong Van Town

-Ma Pi Leng Pass-Meo Vac Market Lung Khuy Cave.

Detailed Itinerary of Ha Giang Tour\\

Night 1:Hanoi-Ha Giang:

9h30:the guide picks up by sleeper bus and departs from Ha Noi to Ha Giang.

5h30:Once arrival at Ha Giang, all will transfer to new generation seating bus to go for breakfast and personal hygiene at Ha Giang backpackers to start Ha Giang tour of 02 days.

Day 1:Ha Giang-Lung Cu-Dong Van(morning,noon,evening)

After breakfast,depart for Dong Van.Stop at the Quan Ba Heaven Gate.From here,you can view and take pictures of Quan Ba Twin Mountains.Have lunch in Yen Minh Town.After lunch,depart for Dong Van.On the way,you will pass through Pho Cao,with many Trinh Tuong houses with wooden gate inside the stone fence surrounded by beautiful blooming peach and plum trees in the pretty cold of spring.Visit Lung Cam Cultural Village,Sung La Commune,Dong Van District,where there is a traditional house built over 70 years of the Hmong people and was chosen to film”the Story of Pao”.Ha Giang tour to Lung Cu Flag Tower,Ha Giang Continue to visit Sa Phin com-mune to visit Hmong King










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